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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 22, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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exposed to agent orange. >> the footprints from the deoxins through the blood samples that we did on our victim lead back to fort detrick. >> the army provided a report. they do not say whether it is linked to cancers in the area. i'm delia in northwest washington. the landlord of apartments say he knows nothing about lead paint in his building, but the department of environment has found lead and now it's testing children for exposure. >> we went to your house, sir, last night. >> david nu yen who served jail time in 2002 says he replaced windows and repainted the property. at first he tells us this is not his problem. >> don't you think it's your responsibility as a landlord to let these people know if they have lead inside of their apartment? >> just last week, dcra sited
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new yen after finding numerous safety and code violations. that inspection even today's testing by the department of environment is retaliation for taking tenants to court for back rent. >> i don't want this for anybody. >> after a few minutes of questioning, he changed his story. >> if they detect lead, then we have to fix right away and that's our obligation. >> i'm scott broom in buckeyestown, where sheriff investigators are looking into the drowning of a child at a buddhist prayer center. a peaceful little lake filling an old quarry that is now a tragedy on the ice. two boys age 6 and 7 had drifted away from a picnic on the grounds here and gone out on the ice. >> there was ice and water appeared around the perimeter where some of the melting had
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occurred because of the warmer temperatures. >> the seven-year-old boy managed to save himself and go for help. adults just recovered from the six-year-old when rescuers arrived. >> when a victim is in cold water, it buys some extra time to where we can perform cpr and unfortunately, it didn't work out. >> now, let's check out your forecast. the keyword tonight, refreeze. top. >> derek, it's going to be cold tonight. we could see some refreezing. many folks already below freezing. in the 20s up in frederick. 35 downtown and still in the low to mid 30s out to the west. that's where the clouds kept temperatures up. in fact, we have snow showers out to the southwest of warrenton. these clouds should dispate. for tonight, clearing skies, very cold. some refreezing. some slick spots. lows 16 to 26. thankfully winds light out of the north at 5 to 10. >> thank you, topper, the streets of libya's capital have
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been calm today, but many expect that to change. gudafi made a speech. he vowed to fight until his last drop of blood. he also called on his supporters to battle protesters in the streets. the united nations says pro government forces killed more than 250 people since those demonstrations began last week. closer to home in fairfax, virginia, a local resident says one of his cousins died in libya. he and other libyan americans are asking the international community to take a more forceful approach to the situation there. >> we urge the international community to intervene through the u.n. to stop this bloodshed. >> there are an estimated 500 libyan americans in the greater washington, d.c. area. tomorrow, maryland will begin debate on gay marriage.
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the bill has been approved by a senate committee. that happened last week and it has support from 24 senators k4 is the minimum needed for passage. if approved, maryland would become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. senate majority leader, harry reid told john boehner, quit drawing lines in the sand. no social security checks for seniors and no paychecks for the troops, even though that's not what happened last time around. the democratic leader is proposing a clean stop gap funding measure to keep the government running for another month after the current stop gap measure runs out next week. bruce leshan reports, the issue even has friends turning on each other. >> i fully support the republican house's efforts to try and reign in the federal spending. >> as neighboring governors --
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>> there are many troubling things about the way this erratic republican congress is acting. >> virginia's bob mcdonnell and martin o'malley pride themselves on working together. >> 61 billion is not enough. not even close. >> they disagree on how we got to the point that at the end of next week, hundreds of offices and memorials could close, checks could be cut off, and hundreds of thousands of federal workers could go home without pay. >> that's what is irresponsible. everybody knows that spending has to be cut. it's time for tough leadership. you have to go into cutting entitlements. i don't think any area of the budget aught to be off the table. >> what about tax cuts for wealthy americans? i never heard this. my gosh, you can't fuel the deficit when you were pushing through permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of americans who claim 25% of our country's wealth. >> o'malley blames the tax
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cuts and the unfinanced wars in iraq and afghanistan. mcdonnell blames a federal spending free. >> governor o'malley is wrong. federal employees are not the ones that caused the federal deficit. >> shutting down the federal government, they say, is a terrible idea. in washington, bruce leshan, 9news now. now o'malley and mcdonnell have been sniping at each other. slammed republican goff no, sir as union busters. up next, we'll talk with two key people watching this thing closely as time winds down and the shutdown looks more and more likely.
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folks, we are in a countdown to a possible government shutdown. if it happens, there are five immediate consequences. workers will be furloughed, national parks and museums will close. veteran services will be affected. visa and passport processing will be delayed and the border patrol and law enforcement could be detailed. john staten join us now from roll call. it covers the news from capitol hill. first question, eleanor and congresswoman norton, how likely is this going to happen to us? >> well, i was here when it
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happened more than once in 1995. you would think that everybody learned their lesson then. i think they have. i'm not one of those who is predicting a shutdown. if a shutdown occurs, it will be because of 80 tea party freshman. they have taken control not only of the house. they have taken control of the republican party. they have sent the speaker scampering for what they want. unless they can say to him, yo u have this out of your system, i'll let you get your $100 billion. the time for compromise has come. unless he can beat some sense into their heads, then there could be a shutdown. >> john, you see it that way? the tea party wing of the republican party? >> i do to a certain degree. the congresswoman is right. they may be able to come up with something if they are able to find some cuts that the president would like to see done. there is this sort of, you know, let's see who blinks
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first, what is going on between majority leader reid and the senate and the speaker boehner and for at least the next couple of days. >> the president already blinked, or at least the congress has. they want to cut -- the congress says we will cut 40% from the president's 2011 budget. they want to cut 60%. so you would think that sensible people outside of an assane asylum could get down to business and agree on something. >> again and again what i'm hearing from the republican side of the aisle is that we didn't come here to compromise. we came to cut the spending. they are focusing on the 12% of the budget that doesn't cut the deficit at all. >> that's one of the problems that boehner has. if he finds something that the white house can accept, will his people fight it? >> i'm curious about the
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lessons learned from '95. you thought they learned lessons, but what did each side learn in the way this is playing out as we watch the deadline approach? >> well watch the majority leader reid. he understands who will get blamed. the 80 freshman and the rest of the republican people will go along with them really don't. so they are listening to what amounts to a group of americans who quote, sense them here. >> on the other hand, a very different time in the 1995 situation. these 80 republicans will say look, they have a mandate. they will get blamed if the shutdown doesn't happen. >> what's the mandate for a shutdown? the mandate was to make some cuts. make some cuts only about the domestic spending. that would be over playing your hand as it seems to me. >> in '95, republicans made
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some of the same comments. and once the park started to get shut down, the washington monument is going to get shut down. you started seeing people not be able to hunt. that's when they started to hit them and the pain of the shutdown really sort of got on to republicans. >> you mention pain. what's going to happen in this neighborhood? what will washingtonens know is wrong the minute the government closes its doors? >> we in the district are also worried about some horrific end roads to our home rule that are in this cr. but look, this is a government region. so we will feel it. let me tell you who else will feel it. i can't resist reading from the fiscal commission. the one that everybody is afraid of. here's what they say. in order to avoid shocking the frag fragile economy. waiting until fiscal year 2013
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before making large nominal cuts. budget cuts should start gradually so they don't interfere with the on going economic recovery. why isn't anyone talking about a double dip recession or worse, if the $100 billion in cuts in fact go through. >> even if it goes through and the president signs on and there is no shutdown, we could be hit economically in this region. >> almost rather there be a shutdown than have anything like $100 billion go through because you are guaranteed a double dip or worse. >> on the other side of this thing, i have heard the senator say that he is ready to go behind closed doors and work this thing out with the white house. do you have a sense that there are some cooler heads to prevail on this thing and maybe not have a shutdown, but come wop a plan that will deep with a long-term federal debt? >> that's exciting. one of the few that can do that. speaker boehner staff is talking to senator reid's
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staff, it sounds like, to find some way to bridge the gap and appropriators are not big fans of cuts and the government getting shutdown. they are trying to find pressure points to find an agreement. >> are you optimistic? >> i'm not optimistic, but when you get most of the negotiations have to go through the wire before people realize what in the world am i doing? and i think that when they get back here and boehner reads, they will begin to understand. >> very quickly, federal workers are not the most popular folks around and you see the rage toward unions, do you think that is contributing to the attitude of, we don't care if these folks are out of jobs or furloughs or a month or whatever? >> they don't care at all. but they do care about the services these valuable civil servants render. >> talk about the attitude of people. >> i think the congresswoman is right. we grew up here around civil servants.
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we know them as our friends and family. for us, they are regular people. outside, they have become this boogy man. you see some republicans start to cringe at what is happening and the governor maybe is over reaching by trying to break the union completely. so, it could have a backlash at some point. >> we have a few days before this could happen. march 4 and counting down. eleanor, thanks for coming in. we appreciate your time today. >> always a pleasure. we launched a special section of our website dedicated to the countdown to shutdown. you can check out the news and videos, log on to click on countdown to shutdown under 9news now extras. in just a minute, topper is back with your forecast. stay with us.
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here's the deal. the sleet kept the totals down a little bit. a lot of sleet from rockville southward. a pretty good ban of 5, 6 inches through hagerstown and back into the panhandle of maryland and west virginia. we're looking at, you know, almost 2 inches in gaithersburg, north of gaithersburg towards clarksburg, 3 1/2 inches. the sleet kept us under an inch. of course the roads were not in the greatest shape this morning and because of that, they could refreeze again tonight. when we have any chance of refreezing, you need to keep
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your headlights clean, your windshields clean and in order to do that, check your wiper fluid. the temperatures are already around freezing. 32 in bethesda. 30 in rockville. 28 in gaithersburg. so if it looks wet tonight, more than likely, it's going to be black ice. 31 in reston. 32 in sterling. warmer out to the west because there's cloud cover out there. in fact, satellite picture, radar combined, we get rid of one storm. we have sunshine and more clouds and snow showers trying to develop right along the i-81 corridor. inbetween cumberland and hagerstown and front royal and pushing toward fredericksburg. they are moving to the south and southeast. don't be surprised if you see snow shower activity. tonight, very cold, patches of black ice. skies should clear late tonight. we'll revisit that tonight at 11:00. if it does not clear out, we'll
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raise temperatures. locate the umbrella by friday. with e have a big soaking rain coming in. tonight, clearing and cold. some refreezing, some slick spots. 16 to 26. winds light out of the north at 5 to 10. downtown lows will be well below freezing. 26, 26, maybe 25. but in the teens, 19 in rockville. 18 in gaithersburg. 19 in college park and in bowie and out to the west, 19 in fairfax and reston and 18 in leesburg and 18 also in manassas. again, the clouds clear out, that will change, but you'll be below freezing and black ice will be a potential problem. by morning, mostly sunny. grab your sunglasses, teens and 20s. thankfully, no windchills. by afternoon, mostly sunny and cold. high temperatures around 40. winds will be light. now, next seven days, here we go. showers on thursday. soaking rain on friday. we're in the upper 40s. a break on saturday. a break on sunday, too. showers north of us, upper 50s. another soaking rain comes in
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monday, but we need this rain. around 60 on monday. cooler next tuesday with temperatures generally in the mid 40s. thank you top, we'll be back in just a minute. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, the countdown to shutdown. ray says it is not fair to blame republicans if the government does indeed close down march 4. did harry reid and the rest of the congressional democrats forget they had the chance to pass a budget last year but didn't act? now the gop has control of the house and the democrats barely control the senate, but somehow it's all the fault of the gop. give me a break. the gop ran on cutting spending in one. now they are trying to deliver on their promise, but the democrats must have been asleep on election night because they still don't get it. okay, but speaking of getting it, ray, the gop is using a whole lot of energy to slice up a part of the budget that has almost nothing to do with our long-term debt problem. you know and i know it's entitlement. social security, medicare, medicaid that must take the hit. so why aren't your republican buddies getting out front on that? and then over on the wusa
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facebook page, major league reaction regarding dc council chair, kwame brown's fancy suv's leased at taxpayer offense. teach them how to steal, cheat, and lie, or are they already trained for the job? and listen to brandon miller. it's stories like these that make me understand why dc is taxed without representation. how ridiculous is this? the city is already strapped for cash. and money is just being thrown away so a council member can get from point a to point b? and finally this. they should garnish his wages. i hope everyone remembers this at the polls. we have to note that chairman brown issued an apology. he will be driving his own car for now. his question to you might be, washington voters, we all good? you can send an answer to mcginty's mail bag.
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the address is that is our report. i'll be back at 11:00. don't forget, you can log on any time you like to we'll see you later. have a great evening, bye. ♪ ♪ don't stop what you do ♪ i won't stop loving you ♪ because i love the things you do ♪ ♪ whatever you do, don't stop [ female announcer ] the laughing cow cheese. rich, creamy decadence, but with only 35 calories a wedge, feel free to laugh all you want. ♪ whatever you do, don't stop [ female announcer ] the laughing cow. have you laughed today? now, three delicious new flavors to love. ♪ ♪ don't stop
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. meredith viera's scare on "today." >> in a freak accident. >> oh, jesus! >> a disturbed man jumps the barricade. the nypd put on alert. >> we're awake now. boy. >> stay tuned for the latest news. plus, more crazed fan moments all caught on camera. then, miley cyrus versus billy ray. did the teen star force her dad to cancel on "the view"? what his people just told us. and, justin bieber and jennifer aniston get hair cuts. "e.t.'s" countdown to the oscars. our leonard maltin talks movies with mike tyson. >> i think "avatar" should win best picture. >> there's only one problem, it didn't come out this year. then, meet the real housewives of miami.


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